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The United States is phasing out R-22 under the U.S. Clean Air Act. Unfortunately this is a gas that has lead to the depletion of our ozone layer. By 2020 there will be very little R-22 available to anyone, including contractors. This will cause repairs on systems containing R-22 to skyrocket if anyone can even get their hands on the required parts for repairs. It's possible to retrofit the system to handle new non-ozone depleting gases. While it's possible, we don't recommend it. If your system uses R-22, it's probably really old. It would be more cost efficient to go ahead an upgrade your system all together.

In case you're unaware of what the funtion of R-22 is, it's the gas within HVAC systems that creates cold air to be released into your home. Without it, you'd just be circulating the air through your home like a giant fan.The alternatives do the same thing. The reason it has become a problem is because in earlier days, no one knew the effects the gas was having on our ozone. There were no stipulations on what to do with the gas when replacing systems. Due to this lack of knowledge, the gas was let out into the air. Now there are pumps to recover the refrigerant. Letting R-22 out into the open air is actually illegal now.

Here are the R-22 replacements and their GWP ratings:


These alternatives are already available. Systems that were made to run on R-22 cannot simply take the alternatives without retrofitting. If you'd like more information on retrofitting or replacement all together, call 770-672-6963 or visit our website.

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Earth Day is the day we have dedicated to promote green living. This Earth Day, take on the DIY project of making your system more energy efficient. That helps the environment by using less energy. While these changes may seem minuscule, in big numbers they have a big impact.

First, change your air filters regularly. This helps your system to use less energy by creating less debris to get stuck in the fan motor. The more debris, the harder the fan has to work, the higher your electricity bill is.

Next, find out if there are any leaks in your duct work. This may be something you'll need to seek out a certified HVAC professional for. Air duct leaks equal energy loss. If you do notice ducts with tears or holes, patch them up. If they are small enough you may be able to get away with using specialized duct tape (not duck tape!) to seal it. Otherwise, contact AccuTemp. We'll make sure your ducts are completely sealed. By doing this you not only remove the energy loss but the hot and cold spots around your house as well.

If you don't have a programmable thermostat, this is the next thing you need to upgrade. You can program it to run at say, 78° while you're away at work all day and run at 76° two hours before you return so that when you get home, you're step into a cool house. This saves you energy and money.

If you don't keep up with the maintenance on your HVAC system, now is the time to start. Energy Star recommends having a tuneup completed on your HVAC system twice per year. To stay up to date on the most recent recommendations by Energy Star, bookmark this page!

Call us today to have your air conditioner serviced - 770-672-6963 or make a request here on our page.


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Technology has come a long way for all of us in the last decade. This holds true in the HVAC industry as well. These advancements have lead to much more efficient systems. American Standard has introduced AccuComfort Variable Speed HVAC systems. The entire system communicates.

The thermostat that goes with the AccuComfort system measures humidity as well as the indoor air temperature. By doing this, it’s able to receive information that causes it to make minor adjustments. If there is too much humidity in your home, it can adjust the fan speed to remove more of that humidity. Lower humidity levels in the summer time helps you to feel less hot in the summer and less cold in the winter.american-standard-air-conditioners

The “Variable Speed” that you see in the name of the system represents what the fan motor does. Traditional systems have a fan motor with 2 modes: on and off. With variable speed systems, the motor has multiple speeds that it can run on. This helps you save money. Now if your thermostat says it’s 71 in the room and you have it set to 70, your system can kick on with the fan speed on low. Before systems only had the option to turn on, on full blast.

These communicating systems also help to reduce uneven conditioned space throughout your home. Say goodbye to frigid cold rooms and uncomfortably hot rooms! Due to the fact that the air within your home is being distributed more evenly, your system will run less. This will lead to lower monthly energy expenses for you.

All in all, we highly recommend these advanced systems. Not only do they save you money but they help to keep you more comfortable all the time. Lower humidity levels will definitely serve you well this summer too.

Click here to learn more about our AccuComfort communicating system. Click here to schedule a FREE estimate.


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This spring you can save more! There are a variety of ways to do this both inside and outside of your home. With a little research and effort on your part, you can save yourself thousands. The first place to start is your tax refund!


When you get your tax refund don’t be tempted to go blow it all on something you don’t NEED. Focus on a larger project that has been put off for a while. This could be anything from roof repairs to gutter repairs or perhaps some sort of large plumbing project. Regardless of what you’ve been putting off, now is the time to get it done. Projects that should be prioritized are ones that can save you money on your gas, electric or water bill or projects that will prevent bigger expenses down the road, such as a leaking roof.

If you have a gym membership, now is a good time to get rid of it. You can workout at home or outside with the warmer temperatures. You don’t actually need all the fancy machines to stay in shape. All you really need is your own body weight and some youtube videos! There are tons of fitness related videos on the web these days and they’re FREE. While a savings of $50-100 per month might not seem like much, it adds up over the course of a year.

Once your commercial cleaners run out, don’t buy anymore. All you need is peroxide, baking soda, white vinegar and lemon essential oil. Peroxide can tackle any clean up you would normally do with bleach such as your bathrooms. Peroxide works as a great disinfectant. White vinegar has a variety of cleaning uses including cleaning windows and mirrors without leaving streaks. Add a little lemon essential oil to a diluted white vinegar mix and once it dries you’ll only be left with the fresh lemony scent. For tougher stains, make a paste using water and baking soda. Of course you want to skip using this on any type of scratch-able surface but for those that aren’t, this is a great stain removal tool. By doing this you’re saving money and helping to reduce the toxins within your home.

While the weather is mild, turn off your furnace and air conditioner. Open your windows. This will reduce your gas and electric bill. You’ll also enjoy the fresh spring air and you’ll literally be airing out your home after the long winter with your house sealed up. Just make sure to be aware of the pollen count. If it’s high, you’re better off running your air conditioner at 72 degrees or higher just to move the air within your space. I don’t know anyone who wants to clean the awful yellow powder off everything within their house.

Make sure you’re home is sealed properly. Check doors and windows and make sure to recaulk where necessary. By doing this, you’re helping to keep the conditioned air IN your home. This helps your home retain the cool air that your AC is putting off which means it will run less. Another perk to doing this is keeping more insects out of your home.

These tasks shouldn’t take too much time and in the long run, they will save you lots of money. A little work  that will pay off big time. You could even place money you normally would have spent into a savings account and use it this Christmas. By breaking up the cost, you’ll save yourself stress once the holidays arrive.

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Spring is exciting with flowers blooming and gardens getting started. It’s a second beginning within the year. You want to make sure your home is fresh and ready for the hot season. Below we’ve outlined which tasks are highest priority and which can wait if necessary.

First, inspect all of your windows. Check the frame, windowsills, jambs, sashes and ew
panes. Look for rot, mold and areas that aren’t sealed well. Replace any windows with rot or mold issues. Reseal where necessary with caulk. Replacing wooden windows with vinyl windows increases the efficiency of your homes ability to keep the hot air out in the summer and keep it in during the winter. Vinyl windows aren’t prone to rot like wooden windows.

Second, give your home a bath! It doesn’t matter what your home is made out of, hose it down. With wood siding stains, just use mild soap and water with a gentle brush. To remove mold from a brick home, use a mixture of bleach and water. Vinyl homes usually just need to be hosed off.

Third, inspect your gutters and roof. Make sure everything is clean and ready to protect the inside of your home from water damage. Finding water spots on your ceiling during a summer storm isn’t the most appealing way to find out that you have a leaking roof.

Fourth, have your HVAC system inspected by a professional. Not only will the technician check over your system for efficiency and ensure there aren’t any issues about to surface during the extreme high temperatures but he will also make sure there are no safety concerns. Included with the spring maintenance visit is a filter change. Make sure you change out your filters every month all year long. FilterEasy is a great program that automatically sends the filters to you every month.


In addition to these larger items, now is the time to clean everything from top to bottom. Clean your ceiling fans, scrub door handles, scrub baseboards and dust everything you can get to. Clean out your refrigerators and be sure to do all these tasks with plenty of peroxide, white vinegar and essential oils.


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