Maintenance Advantages


You may think a maintenance plan for your heating and air system is unnecessary. People often brush off HVAC related things until it’s not working. This is a HUGE mistake. By doing this, you are costing yourself money….probably a lot of it. Due to the lack of maintenance, you may even have to replace the system prematurely. By maintaining your HVAC system, you can keep the system running efficiently for 12+ years.

First, there is the obvious advantage. You get the comfort of knowing that a certified HVAC technician inspected your system to ensure everything is operating safely. The technician will also clean the unit, test amperage and change your filter.

Second, a little less known advantage. You get preferential treatment in scheduling emergency service. When you call AccuTemp when it’s 95+ degrees outside,  you can be sure that our phone is ringing off the hook. It seems like EVERYONE’s air conditioner breaks around the same time, all summer long. A lot of companies will tell you they can’t make it out to your home for 3 days or more. That’s only to diagnose. They might need to return with the part to repair your a system days later. If you have a maintenance plan with us, we will be sure to be out to your home within 24 hours.

Third, if you need a repair, you get a discount! Because of the fact that you maintain your system, we are willing to give you a discount. We reward you for being proactive. Help us help you.

Last but not least, you’ll be saving money on your operating costs! Since your system is being maintained, it’s more likely to hold it’s efficiency better, for longer. This means your energy bill will remain about the same cost as it typically is from the time that it’s installed. When one doesn’t maintain their system, the unit continually loses efficiency. That means their operating costs will continually increase as the system ages.

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