Dehumidifiers & Humidity


Here in the south, the humidity levels sure do get rather high. Unfortunately, that means we feel hot and sticky almost all season. Your air conditioner must run for a considerable amount of time in order to dehumidify the air within your home down to a tolerable level. This is where dehumidifiers can be very advantageous.

Extreme humidity levels in your home need an inspection by a certified technician to make sure the unit isn’t over sized. Your air conditioner acts as a natural dehumidifier when sized properly. When a system is over sized, it runs for less time. That leads to less running time to remove the humidity from the air. That’s why in some homes you feel more cold and clammy.

It takes a tricky balance to have the correct humidity level in your home. On one hand, if there’s too little humidity in your home, your nasal passages will get dry. When that happens allergy symptoms worsen. This can lead to nose bleeds and sinus infections. One the other hand, if your humidity levels are too high, you create the perfect storm for dust mites, mold and mildew.

Whole House Humidifiers

If your system being over-sized isn’t the issue, one of our master installers can install a whole house dehumidifier on your system. Once your home has less moisture in the air, you’ll feel cooler at a higher temperature. By setting your thermostat to a higher temperature, you will be saving money and energy since your air conditioner will have to run less. How exciting is that!?

Dehumidifiers only needs to be ran during the spring and summer months. During the winter, you’ll actually want to do small things to increase the humidity levels in your home. Taking showers without the exhaust fan running, hanging your laundry to dry inside and other small things like that can help raise humidity levels.

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