Water Around Outdoor Unit

Water around your unit isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Your air conditioner has two main jobs. One is to cool your home and the other is to dehumidify the air.

While it’s cooling your home, the blower fan inside moves the warmer, humid air over the coil. The refrigerant within the system absorbs heat. As it absorbs this heat, the evaporator coil becomes very cold. This causes condensation to form naturally on the outside of the coil.

That condensation doesn’t just disappear. Thankfully there are a few components in place to remove that water from the inside of your home to the outside of your home.

Where Does the Water Go?


The water follows a pipe from inside of your home to the outside of your home, probably near your air conditioner. This is your “condensate line.” If the water seems to be greater than normal, it’s possible that your home may just be more humid than normal.

Be sure to maintain your system in the spring and the fall. Part of the technicians job is to make sure your condensate line is draining properly. This is extremely important. If your condensate line is clogged and the pan fills up, this could end up being an expensive problem to have.

This is where a float safety switch comes in to save the day. If you don’t have one, we highly recommend getting one as soon as possible. Its job is to trip the system to turn off once it sense water filling up in the pan. This tiny device could save the interior of your home, especially if your furnace is located in the attic.

If you notice your pan filling up and you do not have a float switch, go ahead and shut the system off. Then, give us a call or book online. We’ll be happy to assist you with this problem promptly.