Stimulus Payment Ideas

Are you still working? If so, it’s possible you’re in a great position with the stimulus payment. There are many smart things you could do with that money. A great one would be to upgrade your AC unit while you have “extra” money.

Why It’s Smart to Upgrade Your AC Unit Now

We have been helping to spread awareness about the discontinuation of manufacturing R-22 for a while now. Many homes still have units fueled by R-22. R-22 is a gas/liquid that cools the air coming into your home. Unfortunately, if that gas leaks out of your system, it travels up and eats holes in our ozone layer. That’s why in 1998, the EPA created a plan to slowly phaseout R-22. A safer alternative was created and is now used in most new units. In the plan created by the EPA, they chose 2020 to be the year manufacturing of R-22 would cease to exist. Since the harmful gas is no longer being produced, its price has sky rocketed.

So why would you care that R-22 is now insanely expensive? If (or when) your system pops an R-22 leak, your repair cost is going to be crazy expensive. By crazy expensive we mean that it would be a terrible waste of money to repair the system. Typically the older a system is, the more breakdowns it will inevitably have. Eventually, R-22 won’t be expensive anymore….it just won’t exist. Its lack of existence means repairing your system won’t be an option.

Of course you could always wait till the inevitable happens, or you could be proactive in replacing the system while you have tax free stimulus money.

Don’t need a new unit? This section is for you.

Interest rates are down in savings accounts, but it’s a safe gamble if you aren’t into taking risks. Credit Karma has a great, free, savings account program.

Invest your money! There are apps, such as Robinhood, to help you invest. Click the link for a FREE stock.

Take care of a home improvement project you’ve been putting off. Is your kitchen or bathroom in need of anything to help make it fresh? Perhaps a new back splash or shower doors? Do the light fixtures in your home need updating? There’s pretty much always something to do around the house when you’re a homeowner. Knock out as many of those projects as you can while you have spare cash.

Stimulus Conclusion

Utilize your stimulus money where it best fits your life. If there’s something you were going to buy in the near future anyway (like a new air conditioner), you may as well go ahead and get it now. Don’t let the shiny things in life distract you. In times like these, needs are far more important than wants. If you have the luxury of having a full fridge, a healthy savings account and no pending/necessary projects, then by all means, buy that $1200 TV. Just know, there are many great ways to utilize that money. We’re in very uncertain times right now and you may be thanking yourself later for how you utilize this money now.

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