COVID Connection

Human interaction is incredibly important to our mental health. While we’re sheltering in place, most people are being deprived of that human connection. That deprivation is the source of depression and anxiety, among other emotional issues. There are ways we can still connect with one another though.

Do you enjoy playing games? If so, there are a ton of games on the internet that allow you to have a private game with just you and your friends! Make it even more fun by connecting on Zoom during the games.


Remote Insensitivity – (a “generic” version of Cards Against Humanity)

Crazy Eights

Chips and Guac – (this is word association card game through the House Party App)

Mario Kart Tour – (download the app: AppleGoogle Play)

Quarantine Birthdays

Since we can’t see our friends on our birthdays this year, we can connect on Zoom! This can be for anyone’s birthday. Is your baby turning 1? Connect with friends and family. Is it your birthday? Connect with whoever you miss. Host a cake competition. (The flour section is empty in every store we’ve been in. Your friends have the ingredients, don’t worry.) Of course you won’t be able to judge by taste, so presentation and description will be everything here.


While being informed is important during this crisis, make sure you aren’t obsessively watching and reading news stories about the current crisis. It’s not healthy and will only create more stress.

Eat healthy meals.

Exercise regularly.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Avoid alcohol or drugs.


Practice yoga. (There are plenty of free videos on YouTube for yogis of all levels. Here’s one of our favorite yoga instructors: Yoga with Kassandra) She posts all different difficulty levels, lengths of times and yoga for specific wellness goals.)

Loved Ones

Whatever you do, make sure to check on the people you love. Continue the connection via phone calls, video chats, emails, hand written letters and Facebook messages.

We are all experiencing this apart, together. The most important thing we can do for our mental health is to stay connected.


Disaster Distress Helpline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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