Being Efficient During the Pandemic

This is the most unique times in our entire lives. We’ve never experienced anything like this before and navigating through it is proving to be very interesting. We can be efficient during this time and we’ve created a guide to help you do just that.

Store Runs

First, make your store runs as efficient as possible. Create a list of what you need by aisle if you can recall the layout of the store you plan to visit.

If you want to buy two weeks of food, but don’t want to spend a ton of time in the store or don’t want to buy up all the food, leaving none for anyone else, there’s an efficient solution! Look up limited ingredient recipes. Try to pick recipes that have a lot of the same things. Example: find recipes for breakfast/dinner that involve quinoa. You’ll be able to grab a big bag of that for those meals. Another example: buy a big bag of shrimp and do a shrimp and grits night and a shrimp taco night.


During your visit, be sure to wear a face covering of some sort. The CDC recommends a cloth mask, but you can wear any mask you have. We recommend ones that have at least 3 layers. This shop has fashionable fabric face masks available.


Feel free to wear gloves, but be mindful of cross contamination. Think of your gloves as having green paint on them. Each thing you touch, now has that paint on it. Think of that paint as COVID-19. Did you touch your phone, keys, credit card or anything else with them? Consider them contaminated.

Disposable gloves are great for healthcare workers, but those of us grocery shopping don’t really need disposable gloves. Dish washing gloves work great. Once you finish shopping and loading your groceries in your car, remove your gloves and let them be inside out. Keep a plastic bag in your car for these “contaminated” gloves to go in. When your remove your gloves, in theory, your hands should be clean. If you have hand sanitizer, go ahead and use it before touching your steering wheel or anything else in your car.

If you don’t have hand sanitizer, be sure to treat your hands as though they’re contaminated until you’re able to wash them. This means you’ll need to wipe down your steering wheel, gear shift etc once you return home. Keep in mind, you probably touched your keys, phone and credit card with your gloved hands. Those items need to be sanitized too. After 24 hours, wash your hands, carefully flip your gloves inside out, put them on and wash them for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.


If you aren’t working, tackle any projects you’ve been putting off. This can be anything from replacing a light fixture to repairing holes in the drywall or any other project you can think of. Try to find the ones you’ve already purchased supplies for. If you haven’t purchased supplies, Lowe’s and Home Depot ship. Home Depot is also doing curbside orders.


Now’s a great time to plant a garden! Tomatoes and cucumber are really easy plants to care for and grow. Be mindful of how many cucumber plants you tend, each plant produces a ton of cucumbers!

Creative Outlets

Have a creative outlet you’ve been neglecting? Get back to painting, crocheting or whatever else it is that you love to do. We have plenty of time right now. No need to continue putting off what you love to do!


Did you become unemployed from a non-essential business recently? Now is a great time to learn a new skill for a new career. Udemy is a great, efficient resource for doing just that. They offer courses on everything you can possibly imagine. Think of skills that are essential. Those skills are your best bet.

For information on what we’re doing to keep you and our team safe during this pandemic, visit