Increase Humidity In Your Home

With the insanely cold temperatures that we’re currently experiencing, your home is likely to get pretty dry if you don’t have a humidifier. Luckily there are things you can do to add humidity back into your air. You won’t even have to buy a whole house humidifier if you don’t want to, but is a very helpful option.

What you can do

When you take a hot shower, don’t turn on the exhaust fan. This will allow that steam to raise the humidity level in your home. Make sure to leave the bathroom door open too. This is especially helpful if your bathroom is attached to your bedroom. There’s nothing worse for your sinuses than breathing dry air all night.

If you take baths, you can still take advantage of the shower tip, just wait for the water to cool completely in your tub before you drain it.

If you have floor registers, place a bowl of water over each. It should take about a week for all the water to absorb out of each. If you don’t have floor registers, place glasses of water or vases (with or without flowers) on your windowsill. As the sun shines through the window each day, it’ll warm the water just a tad and will absorb into the air within your home.

When you do laundry, hang your clothes to dry. This will help to add some moisture to your air and it’ll save you money on your energy bill.

Add a few plants to your home. Aloe is a great one! It’s a relatively easy plant to care for. It constantly lets moisture out into the air and it absorbs formaldehyde. Pothos are basically little air cleaner plants that add moisture to your air.

Money Saving + Additional Humidity

Save some money and cook at home. Focus on recipes that require boiling. All the steam coming out of the pots adds humidity to your home.

After you’re done cooking and you wash dishes in your dishwasher, turn it off when it gets to the drying step. Open up the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry. While it might only add a little moisture, every little bit counts!

Alternative Options

If you don’t want to spend the money to get a whole house humidifier, you’re in luck! Travel humidifiers have been invented! They put out about a gallon of water per every 24 hours. Not a bad deal for $50! This is a great option if you travel a lot and are sensitive to humidity levels.

Portable Humidifier

Room humidifiers are great to use at night while you’re sleeping. If you or a family member wakes up with nose bleeds or headaches often, one of these humidifiers would be very beneficial. They also do great things for your skin.

By following the steps above, you’ll raise the humidity in your home a little bit with each step. If you do them all, it adds up to a decent increase. Your family will be thanking you and it’s a helpful thing to do for your health too.

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