Leasing Your HVAC System

In theory, leasing your air conditioner sounds great. The system isn’t actually yours so in a way, the system isn’t your problem. You don’t have to fork over a bunch of money at once. Oh how glorious it sounds! Until you look at the fine print…and add up the numbers.

So let’s say you’ve found a deal where you lease your air conditioner by the month for $100. Consider that this system may be in your possession for 10-15 years. That’s a whopping $12,000-$18,000 before fees. You could have purchased that same air conditioner for $5,000 or less.

What happens if I sell my home?

That’s a great question. In most situations, they’ll require you to either buy the system from them so it can stay with the home or you can pay their HVAC installation crew to come remove the system. In either case, if you’re leasing your system, you’re probably not going to want to go with either of those options.

So, what else can I do?

Thankfully, most companies offer all sorts of financing options. Watch for specials on financing. You could end up with 12 month no interest deal!

What if that’s my only option?

Continue to search for a solution other than leasing your system. It may take some time, but the right financing situation is out there for you. You just have to find it. (Yes, I know it’s hot. Go to your local coffee shop, order a frappuccino, enjoy their air conditioner and free wifi while you search for this unicorn financing deal.)

I’m stuck on leasing. What should I look for?

If you’re absolutely stuck on the idea of leasing your new air conditioner, be sure to look closely at the terms.

What’s included?

Is maintenance covered?

Are parts covered?

How about the labor?

How quickly will someone fix the system if it breaks down during peak season? (Talk with their actual customers. Verify that they will get to you in a timely manner.)

A company above the rest.

AccuTemp has been in business for 30 years. Our family owned and operated company is located in Marietta, Georgia, very close to Downtown Woodstock. We maintain an A+ rating with BBB®. The city or county you’re located within will inspect the installation once it’s complete.

AccuTemp has financing options available for you. Get pre-approved here. Give us a call and we’ll get a comfort consultant to your home to give you a free estimate. In no time, you’ll have a new, high efficient system!

If you happen to be denied, give us a call. We have an alternate financing option as well.